Strange Stuff


IMG_6298 watermarked

This is a concept shoot with three artists and one model. Sculptor, Marijanel Knight, makeup artist, Jael Ruis and myself worked (played) for 5 hours creating the hair, makeup and environment and then attaching the octopus crown. Mad props to Renee, the model for enduring hair and makeup for 5 hours and then balancing 15 lbs of damp porcelain on her head throughout the shoot.


Once upon a time, in the woodland tangle of Mission Creek Park, there lived a wild and lonely man. He was the Urban Jungle Man, Tarzan.


He had the company of squirrels and the occasional wolf but he longed for a special friend. One day while he was foraging for grub worms he heard the approach of a young woman. Quickly, he hid himself behind a tree.


Noting that she was eyebrows deep in her handheld device he sprang from the verge and assumed his most eye-catching and disney-esque pose.


The young woman introduced herself, “Hi, I’m Jane”. And Tarzan made some gargling noises that she hoped meant, “Take me from this wild loneliness and show me the wonders of your world”.

She took him immediately to the Canadian Urban Temple.


But he was disheartened for with neither a shirt nor shoes, he could not get service. So he was in sad dejection on a silver car.

But lovely Jane had an idea. Takeout!



After a TimBit feast they went to the only non-chain, locally owned and operated produce store nearby, The Olde Town Country Market and found some luscious fruit.


Now fortified with some nutrients they travelled to the Ben Lee Park where Jane introduced Tarzan to some wild but sort of civilized pursuits.




After this day, the first of many spent enjoying each others company, Tarzan was exhausted. Jane smoothed his crispy hair and whispered as he drifted to sleep, “Sleep well, jungle man. I will watch for bears”.

The End.

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