Real Families

sm IMG_8297

The Family Reunion

You can tell that there is a story behind this picture!  This family was a hoot.

I feel like second-photographer images like these are proof that the shoot was a great success.  (Also,  this is why I spring for the cost of bringing along a second photographer since they see the action behind my camera.)

Here is the shot that the family wanted but I suspect all of the crazy stuff will be some of the real favourites.

sm bestall IMG_8209

Client Review:

“It sure was a wonderful time and it shows in the photos- we all are having such fun!  Thanks for capturing that special celebration for us!”



Real Families

This is a series of little posts with photos from real family sessions.  It contains behind-the-scenes photos and tidbits about the subjects.

My first Real Family is the Bensmiller family.  The Occasion is the beautiful daughter’s graduation.  Here are a few great moments:

According to her mum, Rochelle never wears dresses. I encouraged her to experiment with movement as the skirt of this dress was light and would look extra pretty with some motion. The motion is frozen by a strobe off to Rochelle’s left.
There is a certain Julia Stiles circa The Prince and Me to Rochelle: beautiful and measured and intelligent. (Truth be told, Rochelle taught me the difference between centipedes and millipedes just before this image capture. Respect.)
Wanted to have a bit of a dreamy feel. Reflections and lily pads do the trick!
The family together! Those who have followed my work might recognize the mum, Kathy. She is one of most glamorous models from the 365 Project. She is consistently bold and stylish. Here she is wearing what appears to be a vintage 1950s pin-up style polkadot dress with a bold lip and vibrant hair. It would be fun one day to do a full session just capturing her style again since it has morphed from Steampunk. Embarrassing disclaimer: I called the family son by the wrong name for the entire shoot (insert blush-face).
Here is Katherine from the Steampunk shoot four years ago. I love how she commits to a look.

Thank you Bensmillers for the opportunity to share some of this important day with you.  Congratulations Rochelle on your graduation: stay smart, stay strong!


Real Family:  The Friesens

The occasion is another graduation.  Chloe who has modelled for me when she was a coltish 14 is now a stunning 18 year old.

comparision chloe
Chloe, photographed at 14 and then at 18
The Friesen family.
Chloe and her grad date.
Angela and Kelly with Chloe.


Thank you Friesens for choosing me to make these images with you.  I realize that there are a lot of choices and I am honoured to be part of your big day.

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