Pop-Up Headshot Day


Call to register: 250-808-2916

Please enter your info and we will call you to schedule the time that you need as well as your choice of backdrops – black, grey or white.

Where will the studio be? Landmark 4, Boardroom 2, lower level. We will be ready early, through the day, including your lunch hour and until 5pm.

How do I arrange payment? When we call we will also be finalizing your bill and send you an invoice. This is due upon registration.

What to expect: You will be greeted at the door and checked in then photographed in several easy poses. The pictures will be instantly displayed on a computer and you will choose your two favourites. This while process should take about 5 minutes per person.

What will my bill be? The basic fee is $550. This is for one person however if you are part of the same business, then additional headshots are only $75 each. Options like group photos can be done – usually $150 as an add on, but with groups over 10 people it will cost a bit more. Details will be finalized when you register. You will be invoiced the day that you register and the invoice is payable upon receipt.

What do I get and how do I get it? Each person gets 2 retouched pictures – delivered to your contact email.

What should I wear? It depends on the nature of your business. A solopreneur has more flexibility – dress how you would dress to meet your most valuable client. For teams, you will need to have a cohesive plan. Are you business wear, casual, do you have certain colours?

You can skip the form and mail or text/phone our photographer directly with questions or to book in a time.

(250) 808-2916

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