Family Portraits

It is a great time to book your family portraits.

Question: Our dog is basically another child in our family.  It doesn’t seem right to not have him in the family portrait.  Can we bring our dog?

Answer: Of course.  I feel the same way about my dog.  Please do keep the dog on a leash and give him a good walk and a snack before the session. (Actually, the same goes for the kids.) If you can bring along a favourite noisy toy or coveted treat that would help me get that ears-up-head-tilt expression that would be amazing!

Question: Now that we can do this again, I am planning a family reunion.  Are you comfortable photographing 25 – 50 people in one photo?

Answer: Yes.  I love it!  There are many variables and we need to chat about how to make it a smooth, fun experience.  Some variables are – what snack to bring (clear fruit, like grapes and water) -what clothes to wear, where to meet and photograph, do we need a permit, how big is the group, how many people, are there mobility requirements, so many things to plan ahead so that everyone has a good time and you get the keepsake that you want.

Question: Will I get the digitals?  What about framing?

Answer: We use a very simple package system.  It is like a formula: session fee of $750 + ($25 x every extra head over 5) + expenses, including travel and accomodations = ?  For this you will get one finished file and a framed 8×10 of your choice.  In fact, every framed portrait of any size comes with it’s source file.  And you can share the file with your family members.  If after your session  and after viewing your finished images, you wish to purchase additional files without prints, they are $250 each. But framed prints start at $250 (8×10) and come with the file so you should get that.  If you want.  I can’t make you get something great.

Is this complicated?  Not so much.  Here is an example: See the “mother and 5 daughters” portrait?  There are 6 heads. So the session fee would be $750+$25 = $775 They were photographed in their kitchen in Kelowna, so no travel fee. So if they only wanted the framed 8×10 and the finished file that comes with it, they pay only $775. And they can share the file any way and with anyone they want.  So they can print extra pictures for grandma.

Question: Where will you photograph?

Answer: Where won’t we?  My team and I have photographed families in pools (underwater!), in trees, in Mexico, in the mountains.  Are you taking a family trip to Puerto Anything? Sure my team and I would love to come along. We can document your whole adventure.  Ask about filming as well.  Our sister company is an award winning documentary outfit.

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