Trick #2: Makeup For Portraits

2. Either book a session with a make-up artist (and tell her that it is for photos – this is important) or as your portrait photographer for advice on DIY. Hint: the base/foundation is critical. – 10 Tricks

bb cream

ceecee cream

whip cream

Here is Renee, demonstrating the efficacy of three popular foundation types. One is a luminescent variety which promises to scatter light and make your imperfections invisible. In real life it might do that but photos are not real life. Whatever light is used, be it sunlight or strobe, a shine is created with this type of foundation. Shine always looks like oil and has to be removed in photoshop, or powdered down on set by the makeup artist. Also, anything that catches light on the skin runs the risk of making tiny bumps into highlights, complete with their own tiny shadows.

Best option – go for something the exact same tone and colour as your neck and make it matte. Matte foundation is the happiest choice for photos.

After that, I request either mascara or eyelashes to be applied. Eyebrows should be groomed, through an out of place hair is easily removed in post-production.

Lip balm, not too glossy because too much shine makes such a highlight that people will only look at the mouth in the portrait, but enough that you don’t have dry lipskin that requires photoshop surgery.

Finally, don’t fret breakouts. Don’t worry about a coldsore. Didn’t whiten your teeth, if you ask, your portrait photographer will do that for you a little bit (beware of overzealous whitening). Forgot lipcolour, no worries. If you need it, your lips can be tinted and blush applied in photoshop…

Here’s your list:

1. matte foundation that matches your neck
2. eyelash something: mascara or falsies
3. lipbalm

Easy! (Want a pro to do your makeup? It is more affordable than you think! Ask your portrait photographer. They will have a list of pros that they trust.)

10 Tricks for Better Mother’s Day Photos


Someone has bought you a gift certificate to your local portrait photographer because they love you and they want to celebrate how you look right now. That is why they gave you that GC. They think that you are pretty and terrific.

If the first thing that you think of is how you might now even use the CG because you feel insecure then you are in the right place!

My specialty is insecurity (just ask my kids). I never assume that just because someone looks strong and beautiful that they feel strong and beautiful.

That is why I give a lot of coaching.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be unpacking the following pointers:

1. Ask for wardrobe advice. Your portrait photographer can tell at a glance what colours will look good and what photographs well.

2. Either book a session with a make-up artist (and tell her that it is for photos – this is important) or as your portrait photographer for advice on DIY. Hint: the base/foundation is critical.

3. Find a location that speaks to you – either one that you love or one that your portrait photographer suggests. We often have relationships with different portrait location owners that you might not be able to get into yourself and yet others will charge a fee. Your portrait photographer will know or she can find out for you. I will show you some amazing locations here in Kelowna.

4. How to deal with portrait lighting. We all have our techniques. I use a bare minimum to get the results that I want since I specialize in creating confidence I reduce anxiety by reducing non-human elements – like 12 lights all firing (scary for everyone). I have three different lighting schemes and I’ll tell you how I choose which one to use for your portrait.

5. Attend a planning session. I’ll describe what a planning session is actually like so that you’ll know what to expect.

6. Collect props that you love and are meaningful. How to choose the props to build in layers of meaning into an image will be unpacked.

7. Create a contingency plan for everything that can go wrong. Your portrait photographer will already have several plans because they are experienced and they have had things go wrong before. Ask them to share them with you as it will bring you greater security. I will describe some of my contingency plans.

8. What to do a week before your session. Yes, there is a checklist.

9. What to do the night before your session. Yes, another checklist.

10. How to prepare yourself the morning of your session. One critical thing that you mustn’t skip in order to have a relaxed and fun session.

If you haven’t received a Mother’s Day Portrait Gift Certificate from your loved ones it isn’t because they don’t want a beautiful portrait of you! It is just because they don’t know about it. Or they don’t think that you’d like it. Send them this They’ll get the hint!!