three me

Hullo!  My name is Wendy and I am so happy that you have come to visit. I have a strange collection of specialities that I have grouped into three categories.

People Portraits include executive headshots, family portraits and even fantasy portraits.  I have photographed up to 75 people in family reunion photos.  It is challenging but after 20 years of practice, I now know how to do it!

Family reunion.

Pets Portraits are portraits of pets both with and without their human guardians.  One of my favourite things is to apply classic studio lighting and beautiful backgrounds to pets. I will also go outside with your pets and catch them frolicking at their favourite spots.

dog five

Wine Photography is a new horizon for me.  I do both the wine and grapes in the vineyard as well as literal tasting notes that are found in wines.  I am a qualified Sommelier with the Master Court of Sommeliers as well as a member of the BC Wine Authority’s VQA panel of judges.

small revolution
Literal Tasting Notes Image.

When a photographer specializes they need to have a knowledge and facility with their subjects.  People, families, pets and now wines are subjects that I know enough about to take the time and photograph them well.

One thing for which I have neither page nor sample is my compassion portraits.  I offer free portraits to individuals battling Cancer, Parkinsons and other life-threatening illnesses.  I believe that it is due to my quiet style of photography I have been asked several times to create obituary portraits and I want to offer these free of charge as well.

3 thoughts on “Hullo!

  1. Great photo of Colin. He is a great kid and I wish him all the success in the world.
    Just wondering who the people are on the bookmarks you did for the Okanagan Regional Library?


  2. Ha ha I think I sent messages instead of comments! Here is my real comment, and it is not spam. . Your hair looks nice and your photos look even better than that. I most enjoy your “dramatic” and imaginative projects. I hope your site and your work are blessed, and a blessing.


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