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Olivia watermarkedSurrealism in City Park, Kelowna.

better nygel watermarkedThis is a cross between, “Where The Wild Things Are” and the 11th Doctor (child version). In this park there is a pond and in the pond there is a muskrat. The muskrat is pretty cool and required investigation as did every tree worth climbing and quite a number of very nice sticks. Thank you little mister. Let me know if you get marooned with wild things that gnash their terrible teeth and roll their terrible eyes or if you take off in a travelling time machine. I’ll certainly want to tag along. ‪(Btw, Tardis Blue is Pantone 2955C, confirmed by BBC.)

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This is Barry Mathers – Canadian Country Music Masterpiece – I have been to 4 of his performances and everytime it is amazing. Here he is shot in the 1970s Rolling Stone style.

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This little one is three, almost four. Christmas lights are the best thing ever. See how the lights reflect on her porcelain skin. This image is lit only by Christmas lights.

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IMG_0447 watermarkedMy daughter recognized this gamer icon: hidden blade and all. Thank you Liam for coming by and being sort of scary. (Heavily armed people in my livingroom always make me nervous.) And thanks Lee for being a wonderful lighting tech.
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Daniel O’Hara, is a charming and popular producer on Radio Am 1150 here in Kelowna producing the Early Show. This image is of him at work in his sartorial splendor (nod to Phil), I didn’t want to use a set of strobes in the small glassed in studio and irritate the heck out of everyone (in conjoined glass wombs) so you can see the low and irregular light in an environment that specializes in audio. I really like it.
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kim kelly watermarkedMatt is in his 4th year of nursing studies and I think, 7th year of being a dad. His beautiful wife is a social worker and they are raising a very active group of children. I find him inspirational. #howtodad

IMG_6309 watermarkedThis girl is Carlee. She is a kind and intelligent young woman who I had the pleasure of teaching a couple of years ago and hope to again.

carlee watermarkedThis is Josh. I feel a certain kinship for those who toil away in darkness to make other people look and sound fantastic. Here’s to the tech teams everywhere: you are the man behind the board, behind the curtain behind the boom mikes and follow spots. You make the show great!

watermarkedIMG_5411Dave is a local musician who is in demand for festivals around the world. A master of the strings and twang, he looks sharp in his tasselled performing jacket.



IMG_6062 watermarkedCatching up on some missed posts…like a month of them. So there are some bonus images from today’s shoot. Forgive me for not keeping up, it has been family photo season with a bunch of families getting themselves arted up.

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IMG_5792The big experiment – Underwater in a tub filled with ice cold hose water and milk. Thanks to Juanita Rose who is so beautiful that she still looks enchanting under 20 cm of milk-slurry. Thanks to the people at Artisan House for letting me photograph in their outside tub and for running out buckets of hot water to keep Juanita from suffering even more.
IMG_2392 watermarkedChildren are complex, small people and sometimes a quiet, reflective portrait is the best choice. I had a hard time deciding which image to use today. I will post both. Thank you Vicki for letting me photograph your gorgeous children for this project.
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Sandra Babbel, with a voice like an angel: if the angel is as strong as a locomotive, as powerful as a hurricane and so beautiful that it makes you weep, then yeah, with a voice like an angel. (You startle and fascinate me, my friend.) Here she is at heART school, composing a quick pic with me. Lighting by overhead, surrounded by sawdust, hammering and drilling of last minute installations. Sort of surreal. Thank you Carrie Mitchell again for the generous use of your space.
sandra babbelMaddie is a lovely girl whose family portraits I flew back from Mexico to do several years ago. She has become a beautiful young woman. And so nice!

maddie watermarked
Dan Mandryk. In the carport. First 365 portrait with my old go-to of seamless white. Thanks Dan! (Oh, to answer the question that you didn’t ask: yes, you should model.)
IMG_1021 watermarkedBonita Kay Summers mixes impressions and business sense: which I’m depicting with delicate fall flowers (they are delicate and beautiful but tough enough to make it into the cooler weather) and vines – then placing her in a hard concrete setting – this is how I interpret her. And this was fun!
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fletch watermarked finished..meanwhile, up in Canada – children are playing at the beach.
youngest westman watermarked higher cropAriana, with one of the late blooming roses, yellow for joy and friendship. Thanks Ariana for lending your beautiful face to the project!
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This is Keita Ochiai, born in Hakodate city, Hokkaido, Japan. He is the therapist at Kiai Shiatsu. Here I have some video and stuff.
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Fern loves to travel! We shot this photo at the local college but I put in some names of shops at the airport in Paris.

fern watermarkedPatricia Goertzen, the Executive Director of Hands in Service with her adorable little car.
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Chef Michael Metcalfe, in the rows at Summerhill Pyramid Winery, with their lovely Gewürztraminer and some fresh, crusty baguette. You know that you want some!
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Ryan J. Donn, helping me with at tribute to Wes Anderson: muted colour palette and symmetry. Thanks for meeting me in one of our city’s amazing orchards.
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Marijanel is a multifaceted artist. Here she is wearing 2 lbs of clay on her head. Somehow it is beautiful. And no, she isn’t naked – we just tucked her shirt out of the way of the river of clay.

marijanel watermarkedtracey watermarkedJason loves his nerf guns. He is a fine arts major at UBCO. I can usually count on these guys to bring it. The sign photo is to indicate where we shot this – it will be our new candy store in Rutland. Shiny and stocked with all the things my kids love.

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Alex Batten and Pita/Peeta/Pytå´ (?!) in a wistful moment. Thanks for letting me show your love story. (evil laugh) Love you guys!
alex watermarkedI’ve been away but making a new portrait every day. Here are the past few weeks all in a heap. We have my dear mum, my handsome brother, my mother-in-law, an instrument inventor that looks like Gandalf, a Ukranian violin virtuoso, a local Kelowna musical legend…the list would be long. Hope you enjoy!


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August 7 Sasha the Dog

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My dear father-in-law, Keith McAlpine, appears as an editorial illustration model in my metaphor for …something. I think the image is saying one thing but maybe you think it is saying a different thing. I would love to hear your thoughts. Dad asked if this is still considered a portrait. It is and it isn’t. I would say that the most accurate classification for this is editorial illustration.

keith mcalpine watermarkedCharlotte Sloan McAlpine, I’m proud to say, is my mother-in-law and here she is visiting lovely Elephant Island Orchard Wines – I have so many photos to choose from since I was all sorts of annoying this afternoon with my camera. But I love this moment when she is laughing at something that Dad said. Thanks for letting me put you in the project! You are beautiful!
charlottle mcalpine watermarkedThis is Sasha who was taking a walk at Ben Lee Park with her human. He was kind and let me get this cute shot of a beautiful dog.
August 7 Sasha the DogEric Disero, Kelowna jazz musician and performer.
IMG_0342 watermarkedWhat a beautiful morning out on Kalamalka Lake with Bret and Natasha Loge! Thank you for taking me out there it was an experience that I will remember. August 4th!
bret loge watermarkedHere is John Gerrits the owner of EarthWise Landscape Solutions. He and his team saved my backyard from despair so I can vouch for his energy and skill.

If you are featured on this page you are one of the 365 Models and are qualified to join the 365 MODELS CLUB. Click here to join. You will get knowledge and stuff.

john g watermarkedThis is Frieda of the Red Hatters, visiting Mission Hill Family Estate Winery for the first time.

frieda watermarkedThis is Marilyn. She has such a brilliant smile. Here we are up on Knox Mountain. Thank you for volunteering!
marilyn watermarkedWatch the facebook community page 365 Portraits for calls for substitute volunteer models. The calendar for 2014 is now full. But people have busy lives and sometimes they can’t make it or they get sick…so if you want to be involved please watch the page.

Another way that you can get some photos rolling in your life is to sign up for Fall Portraits. Starting mid-September and running until the end of October this is the highlight of my photographic year. All the colours and the beautiful people! – get the details here: Fall Portraits.

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Hey, have you noticed the new tab at the top bar? 365 MODELS CLUB! Yes, it is new! You can join if you are one of the volunteer models. Click here to join. You will get knowledge and stuff.

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krista watermarkedJason is a science teacher. We set this up at The Bean Scene in Kelowna, the owner, Al, was in this series already and let us use his meeting room. Thank you Jason and thank you Al!
steve veerdyk watermarked
Amanda, loves books and reading in this park. Here she is at dusk with four of her favourites under a giant willow tree. Thank you for helping me with my project!
amanda watermarkedTyler is one of my favourite people. I was so happy that he agreed to volunteer for my project. Here he is in his truck with Tanya. Thank you Mr. July 13th.
tyler watermarked
Jenn Boal entertains the crowds at Kerry Stage for Parks Alive, Kelowna.
jenn boal watermarked
Anita collects mirrors. She met me at Rotary Park with a few from her collection. This is how I imagine things would look if mirrors had memories. Thank you so much, Anita, for cooperating with my complicated idea!
Fixedall the mirrors watermarked
This young beauty and her family met me down at city park this evening. Sandcastles by the waves of Lake Okanagan made a perfect studio for her. Thank you for meeting me at the beach!
Shaelyn watermarkedTalie – at the beach, in a tree with a ukulele. Does it get better than this? Thanks for coming out to play! You are beautiful and a lot of fun.
talae watermarkedSharon, the reports of her retirement are greatly exaggerated. Pictured this morning in her large garden, she is taking a break from morning routines while her husband and a giant, bouncy dog play in the background. Thank you so much for volunteering – it was a pleasure to meet you properly.
sharon watermarked

Zach is in town for a week; a whirlwind visit. After a day of near misses, he arrived at my place where I made a rapid succession of images of him is various states of discomfiture. He pulled through with grace and style, as always. Nice to see you again!

If you haven’t been told, there is a club that is exclusive to the volunteer models in this project. Since we didn’t exchange money in the project, I couldn’t pay you for your modelling services SO THEREFORE I have started a club in which for the next year you will get a bunch of perks. Want to know what I’m doing with 365 images at the end of the year? The club members will know. Click here to join.

Zach Kornel watermarkedMaria, the vase and the words are yours. (Vase is actually Pat’s, I believe, but this is close enough.) Thank you for taking the risk on this image!
maria watermarkedAlejandra, in the warm water or Lake Okanagan. Thank you Nicki! You were such a great sport. (I know that the water wasn’t all that warm this evening!)
alejandra 365 watermarked
This is Latisha, recent graduate and softball star. We were doing a travel theme and we had some great images of a young woman about to embark on some adventure. Everything that she did was beautiful but this one as another “oh wow” image for me. Thank you so much for participating in the project! I hope that you had fun.
latisha 365 watermarked
There were so many good images from this evening’s 365 Portraits shoot! My model, Steve was covered in mud, sprayed with a garden hose and made to jump, crash and smash into the ground for about 1/2 hour. But from that we got some stuff that I just love. Which one to post? The one when I opened it and whispered, “Oh Wow”.
steve three watermarked

Photographing people in lightning storms has its perks! Thank you Kevin Kelly for meeting me out at the tennis court even though it was pouring. You made some smashing serves but this last shot of the session is the winner!
Kevn watermarked
poppa dawg watermarked

Susanne, Hairstylist, Master Colourist and Paper Crafter and very pretty girl. Here we are in the waterspray tropics letting the sun flare the lens deep in a summer evening.
four June 30 watermarked
Saw this girl in a sea of other people. Bleacher full, maybe 200 people. Today was chilly here in Kelowna and the wind coming off the lake was gusty. This girl’s hair was like a fire. I hoped that she would accept being in the portrait collection. She was very kind and said, “yes”.

Jennifer June 29 watermarked

This is Rachelle. We were so blessed (not luck this time!) to get access, times and permission for the Kettle Valley Steam Railway to make this image. This is another “story image”. You can’t see Rachelle’s face but what can you interpret from the rest of the image? It has a meaning to me. I am wondering how you will see it. Please weigh in! Don’t worry – it is expected that you bring your own thoughts to an image so people’s interpretations should vary.
June 28 train photo watermarkedThis is Samara, a dog trainer at Puparazzi Dog Training. I couldn’t have designed a better name for dog photos nor a better model for the day! Thank you so much Samara!

samara watermarkedI was aiming for Bond and I think we hit Gatsby. Also good! But with a more clever smirk. Thank you Colin for being game for this on your grad day and everything! Hey, if you see this photo – please join me in wishing my young and handsome friend congratulations on graduating high school! (You can add your two cents in the comments!)
colin bw watermarkedcheryl watermarked
Chantal, at Kasugai Garden, downtown Kelowna. I’ve been craving a nice black and white. Good job, Chantal, at being really steady and very pretty all at the same time!

chantal bw watermarked
Heidi, who loves nautical style in her home decor, moves it to the marina! She is such a good sport to go with my over-the-top-ha-ha styling! Here’s to you brave friend!! (and thank you!)
heidi watermarked
mackanna watermarked
Pat drove down from Black Mountain for the portrait of the day. Thank you so much! So pretty in the last light of day.
pat 2 watermarkedThis is one of my first “cold shots”. My person of the day didn’t come to our designated meeting spot and so after 15 minutes of pacing I started to search for a new person. My first thought was to find the lifeguard/first aid person for the spray park so I went over to the window. I couldn’t find anyone and so I walked around the opening of the spray park looking for someone. Alexi, came along and very officially asked, “Can I help you?” (I guess I looked vaguely like I might be someone who might pose a danger to children). Long story short, she is my portrait of the day! Thank you for trusting me with your image!
alexi thibault watermarkedSid Molenaar, at Father Pandosy Heritage Park, recalling (maybe) his rural (less rustic than this) roots. But really, nothing beats a cowboy. Right, Cheryl?
sid watermarked
anthony kuchma composite watermarked

How does this work?

People volunteer as models. Together we craft (usually very quickly, going by instinct) a portrait that will show more about the model than their appearance, something quirky, inspiring, curious or amazing. Of course, you look great too…but as cheesy as it sounds, I want to show your heart.

How much does it cost?

No money changes hands. You get the main photo and when time allows, other selected files from the session. I get your permission to use your image.

How long are the sessions?

The sessions are short. (5-10 minutes, with prep done in advance)

Who gets the props, costumes and locations?

Unless you have a specific location or can obtain permission for some awesome place, I usually choose a location that I feel would suit your concept. The volunteer model gets all the bits for the shoot – some people have had their hair and makeup done or have rented costumes.

Will you come to Castlegar?

The sessions are in Kelowna. This is a local art project, trying to find local people or people who come to Kelowna a lot.

Is there still space in 2014 to get into the project?

Yes! Please contact me and I’ll suggest a date. From there we’ll figure out the rest!

Aislinn, in her devotional clothes. Thank you for being vulnerable and and sharing your heart! June 17!
june 17 watermarked
Lisa Renee Brown, of Divine Expressions Jewellery, making a silver bracelet. Thank you for bringing the fire! (And the shiny things!) It was a real pleasure meeting you and I’ll look for you at Lille Gard!
Lisa Renee the Silversmith watermarkedFor me, Father’s Day is a perfect time to showcase Ted and his children: The little guy was in the collection already (the child with two oranges) and the new additions are a gorgeous set of twins, a boy and a girl. Happy Father’s Day Ted (and Brigitte)!
ted watermarkedI saved today’s spot for a corporate photo of the community spirit and kindness that exists when Kelowna comes together for something important. This is the 3rd annual PUSH To End Homelessness where teams from the community, churches, schools and businesses dress up like nutballs and push heavily decorated shopping carts on an Amazing-Race-Like race through the city. This is to raise money for Inn From the Cold, a unique and innovative shelter, housing project and year long assistance for people on the slippery shoulder of homelessness. The beauty of the Inn’s model, from my perspective as a frequent volunteer, is that it connects my feeling of “needing to do something” directly to a person who desperately needs someone to DO SOMETHING. If you didn’t get a chance to join the PUSH this year you can still participate with your time, energy and money. Here is a place for you to start.
PUSH crowd watermarked
Maria’s little daughter was with us on this wet, wet photoshoot. Her mom, of course, is dressed like a fairy. I wanted to make a photo that she could hang in her daughter’s room. This is how it goes in my imagination: first she notices that there is a flower. Then she notices that it is wet. One day she is excited because she sees the fairies and then on a magical day, maybe a year later, she recognizes that every fairy is her mom. That is my dream.
maria x 5 - watermarkedThis is Nicole, a beautiful and elegant young woman. Her anniversary is coming up this weekend so please join me in wishing her and her husband the best day! Thank you Nicole for taking a risk and posing for this image.
nicole one watermarkedeva watermarkedJonathan Stushnoff watermarkedAndrew and Emma WatermarkedReece is posing in heArt School on Bernard, a wonderful light drenched space. I am trying to combine the loud and quiet images, while Reece self-discloses as a quiet person she did have this outfit…so you make up your mind. (insert grin)
reece worsfold loud and quiet watermarkedI am learning so much in this project. Chris taught me about fly fishing – it was a primer and
he taught me with good humour and grace.
chris two watermarkedThis is another shot of the girl in creepy creek. Happier!

chloe two
This is a different type of photo. Usually I look for something in the person and go with that but every so often I impose my vision onto someone or recruit a specific model for something that I want to say. This is that. I went after Chloe and asked her to do exactly what she is doing because there is something that I wanted to say. I’ll be interested in reading your impressions on what I I might be saying. But here is a hint: the location is the stream at the base of Dilworth Mountain. There is something about this part of the stream that brings me a chilly sense of fear. That is your hint.
chloe watermarkedmelody watermarkedAlexa constellations- watermarked
This is Dean and his classic 1959 Harley. It is a factory original with only minor restorations; those being in the leatherwork. I know 100% more about Harleys than before he tutored me on the finer points of this machine. Thanks Dean for being the model for today and for sharing something rare and precious. (Thanks to his gorgeous daughter for holding the lighting!)

Dean Muscardin watermarked
Here is Alex – he is taking a short break from manning the photobooth at Kelowna’s Bike To Work Week to stand in the rain that drenched event volunteers and cyclists alike.

Alex Fullerton watermarkedMy person today is a cat. This is T.J. He likes chasing and biting birds. His nickname is Weasel because it reflects his personality. Renee rescued him and kept him from going blind; kept him from starving to death and from getting eaten by owls. He sleeps on my bed but I suspect that he has been pooping in the neighbours garden.

Weasle - watermarked

Colleen, out for an early summer bike ride down a quiet, flower hedged lane. It reminded her of Nelson, she said of this gentle part of the city. Thanks for your time and your smile Colleen!

colleen harrison watermarked

Kim, the owner of the The Bike Shop Cafe and Catering Co., provided FREE breakfast for the entire city (well, those who came to the Bike to Work Week Kick-Off). If you have the chance visit her terrific restaurant. There are bicycles on the walls!

kim ansley watermarkedAbby’s 16th party and every girl gets a birthday wish. Her friends made the lit backdrop and the party hostess found a vial of glitter. Abby provided the beautiful face.

abby - watermarked11:59, couldn’t cut it closer than this! Thank you Kendra for being such a lovely dancer.
kendra watermarkedJoanna, one of the instructors at Creator’s Arts Centre, dances in the year-end recital, Tapestry. This is an excellent show; between the artistic values and theme, this feels like CAC’s most mature production yet. I bet there are still tickets left. I’d even take a chance at the door – shows at 2 and 7pm.
joanna watermarkedIntroducing Deepak, who is making a statement in front of Kelowna’s downtown library. What do you think he is saying?
deepak watermarkedDon Burnett is a local gardening expert. He is on the radio every week giving advice and solving people’s gardening dilemmas. This photo was made specifically for this project at a Hands in Service event.
don bernet watermarked
This is Victoria, lying on the lawn outside of Tim Horton’s on Victoria Day.

victoria clement watermarkedkaris d watermarkedHere’s one with a bit of edge. My friend, Geoff, met me downtown and we took about 5 images. This was the last one. I pulled the quote off of his facebook as a quote that he really connects with. Then I worked in some texture and put the quote into his glasses. I feel like it is a thought through which he sees the world.

Baby Owl of Rebecca navarro watermarkedgeoff Haney watermarkedThis is what the creative spirit looks like to me. This is Zeva and the images within this portrait are her own. I’ve added “sparks of intuition”, “sudden flares of creativity” and little “banners of inspiration”. She is from a family of artists and has been a family friend since before she knew that we were around. (what?!)
zeva and cameras watermarkedDave Skene, of Global Youth Network is here in Kelowna for a few days connecting with the leadership of Western Canada YWAM. Thank you for “sort of volunteering” Dave!
Dave Skeen watermarkedStudent from Salmon Arm, in an all-day photography workshop here in Kelowna – hanging out in City Park. Thank you for posing so beautifully! May 13
salmon arm student watermarkcourtnay face watermarked

liz daughter watermarkedJoel Aaron Clark, this was your concept – I DO subject my friends to my artistic whimsey but this one is his creative impulse. Guy wearing a suit getting pelted with ripe tomatoes. This time of year there is no such thing as ripe tomatoes here in Canada. There are ultra firm shipped tomatoes from several places which are red but not actually ripe. I was worried about bruising him. But then he thought of canned tomatoes! Yes. They break in a spectacular gooosh on impact.joel watermarkedbailey morris watermarkedjane eamon two watermarkedemily watermarkedron vbrink watermarkedbecca watermarkedBOK-vote_web Vote here! How cool! I’ve been nominated for “Best in Kelowna” photography category (it is buried somewhere in the “other” category). How I’d love it if you would go and vote for me! Also, while you are scrolling through looking for my hidey-place you can vote for some other amazing local talent, businesses and even places … like best beach, best hike…

Tiffany, an artistic soul, finds inspiration in the rain. That’s the story. I’ve tried to make her look image look like a painting. Thanks for helping me with the project! I’ll let people guess the location.
tiffany lebel rain watermarkJesse can jump. I suggested a photoshopped jump but he insisted in doing the real thing. So, yes … he is that buoyant. Thanks for volunteering Jesse! jesse neitch jumping watermarkThis is what happens when a friend has a history in the film industry and an adorable, if nervous pup. You get “Belle vs. Godzilla”. You’d think the film would end badly but it was really more of an impasse.
toni lyons watermarked
Silas, on his 13th birthday. Chilling with the sheet music. Also, a dodgy day for me due to migraine. Thank you Jessi for peppermint essential oil. I bought some of my own.
youngest funk boy watermarkNatasha helped me pretend that it was evening. It is really 3pm. It is interesting what a diffused strobe 20mm from a face will do…especially the eyes! Such a pretty girl! I can’t decide if she looks more like Diana Krall or Ellen Pompeo.

natasha watermarkedChelsea, another photographer, (https://www.facebook.com/chelslynnphotography) just days away from the arrival of her third child, glows in the evening sun. It was happy news that she is also a Winnipeg girl. Thank you so much, beautiful girl, for being in the project!

chelsea april 28 watermarkedLaura, natural beauty even shows through weird photobooth glamour. Thank you Laura for being my 365 Portraits person today!
april 27 laurachris watermarked

zoe one watermarked

rebecca watermarked

Roy, from Vancouver, visiting friends was helping to man a table at Kelowna Closet Cleanout today in Kelowna. After hearing, “I didn’t know that Brad Pitt is so tall”, I figured that he needed to be the person for the 365 Portraits today. So, fast and simple, overcast sky as light, stippled concrete a background, here’s our own West Coast BP.
april 26 watermarkedLorien, Singing in the Rain (downpour). What a good sport on such a rainy day here in the valley. (not raining at the time of the photo though I wished that it was) Thank you Jody for volunteering this terrific performer!
lorien watermarkedHere is Brielle! She is an Easter baby and today is her birthday. The location of the photo is a large organic cherry orchard here in Kelowna. It is called “Little Church Organics” and the trees are budding but not yet fully in bloom.
brielle easter 2watermarked

Debra is an activist. This Easter morning I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate the traditional themes of sacrifice, hope and rescue into the image. Debra raises awareness and recruits people to join the bone marrow registry. It all starts with contacting one of these agencies and they will send you a simple cheek swab. Then your profile gets entered into a bank from which the doctors can match people who will die without donor stem cells or donor marrow. Please go to these websites and consider joining. If you are too old, like I am, ask your children, like I will.
Canadian Bone Marrow Registry
debra small watermLaura is a dancer, dance teacher and art director of a local dance school. As one of her colleagues remarked, “She likes to colour outside the lines”.
laura 365 watermarkedCharis, reading in the park…or in a strip of trees in a parking lot… How stunning you are! Thanks for giving me your time!
IMG_0062 darkerqTERMRKSo here is my question: what do you think – today I posted a little “story” for some context on the photo of the day. I write these little bits for the facebook pages but I know that some people follow this site exclusively (not fb). Would you like more context with your pix?

Al Lang, of Kelowna’s The Bean Scene (s). Yesterday, he made a drink to which I will compare every other coffee beverage as long as I live. The man knows how to brew. I found him at the Landmark location but wherever you find him, you must say, “Whatever you made for Wendy, make that for me”. Really, you have to try it.
al lang watermarkedcohen watermarkedRosanne Ting-Mak Brown watermark

boaz two watermarkedlady bug watermarkbrian watermarkedkaylenette watermarkedkatie watermarkshandra 2 wtaermarkchelsea watermarkedtanya watermarkedFacebook tine

pat hayden watermarked

alley weldon watermarkedIf you’d like to see more images from today’s session please visit my companion site. http://photographykelowna.smugmug.com/Portraitsbrielle watermark TINYElizabeth is the volunteer for today. If you’d like to see more images from today’s session please visit my companion site. http://photographykelowna.smugmug.com/Portraits
As always, the volunteers for the project receive a guarantee of one finished image but sometimes there are more. The volunteers receive them as email attachments free of charge.
IMG_1869 watermarkedTINYFunniest caption happened when Todd typed in “scuba diver in grocery store” and got this response, “Supermarket Targets Minorities”.

IMG_1610 watermarked caption one TINYHappy April Fool’s Day! This image needs a caption! Help me caption it. Winning funniness gets imprinted into the image!
IMG_1610 watermarkedasher with watermelon watermarkIMG_1556 watermarkedtina jump large size watermarkedbriana zoom watermgeri and the boyz watermarkdarlene green watermarkedIMG_10278x10small watermjans mum waterm tinymarco waterm smallgRam water marked tinyjan waterm tinydyansmall watermdiane waterm smallbarb huntertyrel cox small watermarkedcolton march 16small watermarked<a
href=”https://photographykelowna.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/erwin-mcmannus-watermark-small.jpg”&gt;erwin mcmannus watermark smalltim small watermmarch 12 watermarked smallmarch 11 watermark smalljesse small watermarrowsmall watermIMG_8761 small watermfinal lynn small watermderek photo two watermzac small watermrkasher small watermnatasha small watermIMG_8324 small watermIMG_8274_ tiny watermtyrel810 small watermark tinyIMG_8148 small waterm4 aimes watermark smalltalitha small watermfeb 22 small watermmackenzie small watermlee small watermjoy waterm smallamanda watland small watermmoana small watermarkedtamara bw small watermarkedclair outside small watermarkNatasha loge small watermWhat is this all about?

Picture this – we are all sitting around drinking tea and musing about creativity. Then someone says, “wouldn’t it be cool to try and take a different portrait every day? One a day for a year?”

“Challenge accepted.”

shawn giesbrecht feb 11 waterm smallfebruary 10 small watermrawle february 9 - small watermmission impossible- small watermjanelle - small waterm

three by four - watermDid you know that for over 50 years February has been Apple Month here in BC?!
joanne juggling sm watermmj feb 4 watermrkheather two small waterm.Andrea – I got your message and I love your idea. I know exactly what to do. Except, every time I try your message it bounces back undeliverable. Could you try looking for me on facebook (you’ll find me) and message me through there?
karlene feb 2 small watermhannah one small watermark“It would be hard to do a different portrait of a different person every day.”

“Not snapshots”, I said. “That would be easy”.

“No, real portraits. Editorial Portraits that show an aspect of the person’s character”.

“Challenge Accepted.”

dorte is jan 31 small watermHi Marilyn! I see that you are following. That makes me happy!
paul-small watermkelly january 29 small watermarkedOh, how I wonder if the 100s of people viewing this a day are humans or if they are bots of some description – if you are human, would you say so!?

kathy - january 28 bw small watermloralee strauss small-watermarked

January 27 - dylan - small watermjanuary 25 delaynesmall watermdave watland one small watermHi! And welcome to my project. There is a form right here for you if you’d like me to include your face in the 265 Portraits. If you want to look at them, please scroll down and you can see all of ’em!

january 23 - lucy - small waterm

10 x 10 small watermjanuary 10- tiny

january 21

January 20

january 12

January 13

January 14

January 15

January 16

january 17

january 18

january 19

Jan 5

Jan 1

January 2

January 3

January 4

january 6

january 8

January 9 tiny

january 11


7 thoughts on “365 Portraits

  1. What an awesome project!!! I wish I had heard about this earlier – in fact I would have loved to have some gorgeous pics like this taken of me and my beloved kitties Zita and Jessie who sadly passed away beginning of last year after I had them for nearly 18 years… 😦


  2. Amazing doesn’t even start to explain when these work. Wendy is kind-hearted and one of the most loving people I have ever met and this work only represents that slightly. If you were honored enough to work with Wendy you have been blessed. I look forward to the next Journey that Wendy shares with us.


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