What is Your Photoshop Tolerance Level?

Retouching is routine in a a professional portrait. Rescupting via photoshop, Portrait Pro and other facial recognition software is a matter of preference. I have had requests to remove all lines, freckles and spots. The result is something like creating a picture of an egg with lips and eyelashes.

On the other hand, some clients want only what could be achieved with light and makeup. I would call that, “ordinary retouching”. Also, anything that isn’t permanent, like a blemish or a cold sore is automatically removed. I leave in freckles but take out anything that the client was trying to cover with makeup.

Here is a sliding scale to compare how things can be. I have used myself as guinea pig. These three photos are all using the same image as their source.

Please reply in the comments: what is your Photoshop Tolerance?

Published by photographykelowna

Graduate of New York Institute of Photography, I have worked as a photojournalist, wedding photographer, portrait photographer and photography teacher. I live in the mountains in BC, Canada.

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