Trick #7: Relax, You Have a Contingency Plan

7. Create a contingency plan for everything that can go wrong. Your portrait photographer will already have several plans because they are experienced and they have had things go wrong before. Ask them to share them with you as it will bring you greater security. I will describe some of my contingency plans. -10 Tricks […]

Trick # 5 : The Planning Session

The anxiety many of us feel around a professional portrait session can be reduced or eliminated by the planning session where the subject and the artist become collaborators. Here’s how that looks in real life

Trick #4: How to Deal With Portrait Lights

I’m a professional portrait photographer and portrait lights bug me. Really, most of them make me squint and the worst of them make me throw up. Here’s how I get around them and still get amazing shots.

Trick #3: Location

In the 10 Tricks for Better Mother’s Day Photos, the third trick listed is this: 3. Find a location that speaks to you – 10 Tricks Have you noticed the trend, even in realtor-headshots (in my mind the most corporate looking group who are still trying to look friendly) are becoming more lifestyle oriented. In […]

Trick #2: Makeup For Portraits

2. Either book a session with a make-up artist (and tell her that it is for photos – this is important) or as your portrait photographer for advice on DIY. Hint: the base/foundation is critical. – 10 Tricks Here is Renee, demonstrating the efficacy of three popular foundation types. One is a luminescent variety which […]

Trick #1: Wardrobe for Portraits

“1. Ask for wardrobe advice. Your portrait photographer can tell at a glance what colours will look good and what photographs well.” – 10 Tricks With a single portrait, a portrait of one person, you don’t need to concern yourself with co-ordinating outfits within a group (can be a nightmare). What your portrait photographer will […]

10 Tricks for Better Mother’s Day Photos

Introduction to 10 daily articles in how to get ready for a portrait session. This is designed for people who are insecure and nervous about portraits and those who have never had a professional portrait session. It is about reducing fear and enhancing fun.