Wendy McAlpine: Headshots

Covid Protocol:

No touch, socially distant studio.

We are limiting ourselves to one client set per day. The studio is disinfected before and after each sitting. (Client set: you are a client set, if you are workmates or family and see each other regularly.)

The studio for Wendy McAlpine Photo is in a private home in the Spring Valley area of Rutland where no one has had the virus.

Touch-Free Notes: You are posed using a method called mirroring. Wendy will demonstrate how to sit, the head angle and hand position so that you will look elegant and natural.

Current Rates: The 2020 rate for individual headshots is $550. The session is 60 minutes and includes as many wardrobe changes that you can fit in. Within 48 hours you will receive a proof sheet from which you will choose 3 images. Additional images can be added to your package a la carte for $150 each.

For group images, please email Wendy directly for a firm quote. Our studio can fit teams of 6 – 8. Larger teams can be photographed out of doors.

Group Photos for Teams Working in Isolation: If this is your work situation, Wendy can create a composite of your group where it looks like you are together, Give her a call/email/text for a quote.

3 thoughts on “Wendy McAlpine: Headshots

  1. Great photo of Colin. He is a great kid and I wish him all the success in the world.
    Just wondering who the people are on the bookmarks you did for the Okanagan Regional Library?


  2. Ha ha I think I sent messages instead of comments! Here is my real comment, and it is not spam. . Your hair looks nice and your photos look even better than that. I most enjoy your “dramatic” and imaginative projects. I hope your site and your work are blessed, and a blessing.


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