Wendy McAlpine Portrait Photographer

Hi, I am Wendy and I make portraits. I create professional headshot portraits, wedding portraits (for a special community only) and luxury portraits.

When I am restless, which is every now and then, I do silly projects or explore other genres like still-life and pet photography. You can hire me for my “other genre” work as well as portraits – just hit the Contact tab and tell me what you’re up to.

This is not me. This is Graham. If you need mortgage help, he is the guy to call. I did his headshot and he likes it. “That is the best picture of me. Ever”, said Graham. That’s all.

Do you need studio headshots? If people meet you for the first time after seeing your company headshot and they say something like, “oh, I didn’t know it was you”. Or worse, “I wouldn’t have recognized you from that picture online!”. Then you might need a new headshot.

Need a team or group photo? If you have added or subtracted team members then you might need a new group photo. If your team members are still the same but they don’t look like they do in your current group photo, you might need a new group photo.

Rule of Thumb: Every 5 years, you need to update OR after a major appearance change. So, if it has been 6 years since you have updated your headshot, you might need a new headshot. Or if you’ve recently lost 50 pounds, you might need a new headshot.

As an example, here are my headshots taken 5 years apart.

Me. 5 Years Ago
Me, Last Year – redone after a family friend saw my headshot and said, “That isn’t you, is it?!”
Also, not me. She is an author.

Here are some questions that I often get asked:

Question: My team is 5 people. I need to get everyone’s business portrait done and then a group photo all together. What can I expect in terms of price and deliverables?

Answer: The session fee is $550. This covers setting up a remote studio and pays for my assistant and editor. With this you receive 2 image files. Additional image files are $150 each. So for a team of 5 with a group shot it will be $550 plus 4 x $150 = $1150. For teams large than 5 though we do have a price break. So you might want to hire someone before the shoot.

This man is a judge!

Question: Where is our studio located?

Answer: Kelowna and region. I have a professional mobile studio. Over the years I have found that my clients are best served with minimal workday disruption by my ability to being a full pro studio to their workplace. So back to the question of, “where are you located?”. The answer is, “wherever you need me to be”.

She is an author.

Question: What about outdoors- can you do the headshots outdoors?

Answer: Yes! It is wonderful that we are in such a beautiful valley. Your headshots and your team photos can be done outdoors.

A fellow photographer.

Current Rates: The 2022 rate for individual headshots is $550. The session is 30 minutes and includes as many wardrobe changes that you can fit in. Within 48 hours you will receive a proof sheet from which you will choose 2 images. Additional image files can be added to your package a la carte for $150 each.

For group images, please email Wendy directly for a firm quote.

3 thoughts on “Wendy McAlpine Portrait Photographer

  1. Great photo of Colin. He is a great kid and I wish him all the success in the world.
    Just wondering who the people are on the bookmarks you did for the Okanagan Regional Library?


  2. Ha ha I think I sent messages instead of comments! Here is my real comment, and it is not spam. . Your hair looks nice and your photos look even better than that. I most enjoy your “dramatic” and imaginative projects. I hope your site and your work are blessed, and a blessing.


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