Wendy McAlpine: Headshots

Pop-up studio is going to be at Landmark 4, Boardroom 2 on November 18th, Need headshots? These will be speed rounds – get in, get out and get back to work!

Current Rates: The 2020 rate for individual headshots is $550. The session is 15 minutes and includes as many wardrobe changes that you can fit in. Within 48 hours you will receive a proof sheet from which you will choose 2 images. Additional images can be added to your package a la carte for $150 each.

For group images, please email Wendy directly for a firm quote. Our studio can fit teams of 6 – 8. Larger teams can be photographed out of doors.

Studio in Your OfficeThere is a pop-up studio on November 18th. If you work mid-town, this might be your most efficient solution – we will be doing both individual and group picutres. When you need to get your whole team’s photos updated, efficiency and consistency are key factors. If you have the space (10x20ft) my team can come in and set up a studio in your space. We can get the job done with excellence. The cost there is a bit different : $150 for remote studio setup, $550 session fee for the first person and $75 for each additional teammate. $250 for the entire team (5-10 individuals). If you have a huge team or special circumstances, get in touch and we’ll find a good solution.

3 thoughts on “Wendy McAlpine: Headshots

  1. Great photo of Colin. He is a great kid and I wish him all the success in the world.
    Just wondering who the people are on the bookmarks you did for the Okanagan Regional Library?


  2. Ha ha I think I sent messages instead of comments! Here is my real comment, and it is not spam. . Your hair looks nice and your photos look even better than that. I most enjoy your “dramatic” and imaginative projects. I hope your site and your work are blessed, and a blessing.


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